Body Slender is a subsidiary of Immitec which is one of scandinavia’s oldest and most successful evidence based nutritional health supplement companies. Immitec has been established since 1984, based in Tønsberg Norway and we have historical sales approaching almost half a billion Euros in product sales globally.

We have subsidiary offices in Finland, United Kingdom, Romania, Brazil the middle east and North Africa that have serviced the millions of customers we have in over 40 countries around the world.

We have won many awards such as health product of the year and supplier of the year in Norway, Finland and Holland We also sit on the EU board of a 6 million euro initiative which is researching the benefits of beta glucan. Which involves working with multiple universities across europe

Our brands are sold all around the world in some of the largest and most prestigious health stores as well as being used by thousands of medical and health practitioners around the world.

Norway is famous for producing medical supplements to an exacting standard in an environment of purity and precision. We are proud to source the highest quality ingredients and we produce all of our products to the highest manufacturing standard.