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30 Days Waistline - 3 Month Pack With Free Body Wrap

30 Days Waistline - 3 Month Pack With Free Body Wrap

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Eliminate Stubborn Belly Fat

30 Days Plus Waistline is the number 1 selling weight loss program in Scandinavia and has been voted Health product of the year in Norway / Holland and Finland!

30 Days Plus Waistline is a dietary supplement designed to reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat. It contains a special combination of β-glucan 1,3/1,6 and botanical extracts that help the body fight inflammations and infections that distort cellular metabolism and may contribute to the accumulation of abdominal fat.

30 Days Plus Waistline has in a clinical study (presented at an international obesity congress and submitted for publication) demonstrated significant effects in reducing the abdominal and waistline size within 30 days.

The 30 Days Plus Waistline product is Worldwide patent pending.



30 Days Plus Waistline is made up of β-glucan 1,3/1,6 and mixture of botanical extracts from artichoke, liquorice root, rhodiola rosea, dandelion, milk thistle, schisandra and microcrystaline cellulose, calcium hydrogen phosphate, colloidal silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate. It also contains chromium that contributes to a normal blood sugar level and iodine that contributes to an energy-yielding metabolism.

  • No gluten
  • No artificial colors
  • No preservatives
  • No salt or yeast
  • Not tested on animals
  • 100 % natural and mild formula!

A double-blind, placebo controlled study was conducted with overweight females, with over 25 BMI.
They all had generally good health and were not smokers or on any long-term medication.
Used 30 Days Plus Waistline for a 30 day period.

30 Days Plus Waistline graph 130 days waistline graph abdomen

The group taking 30 Days™ significantly reduced the size of their  abdomen and waistline compared to the placebo group.

The results from this study was presented during the International Congress on Abdominal Obesity in January 2010.


The liver plays a unique role in controlling carbohydrate metabolism by maintaining glucose levels in a normal range over both short and long times. The liver also plays a central role in the regulation of fat metabolism and in dietary amino acid metabolism. A healthy liver is therefore necessary in order to maintain a normal metabolic function, which is necessary for life itself as well as for avoiding fat accumulation.


Several of the botanical extracts contained in 30 Days™ have been shown to help protect the liver and to strengthen the liver function, thereby both helping the liver to detoxify the body and to keep the metabolism running fast enough to “burn fat” 


It has been proven in several scientific studies that stress can drive the development of visceral obesity independent of changes in body weight. This is known as “the stress belly”

The beta glucan in 30 Days Plus Waistline has in several studies been documented to be effective in reducing lifestyle stress.
So Not only do you beat the stress belly but feel calmer and less stressed!


Multiple human and animal studies have shown that certain groups of firmicutes bacteria in the intestines may cause obesity. These studies also show that when the bacterial composition in the intestines changes, reducing the number of such bacteria, you can achieve weight loss.

A preclinical study on the beta glucan used in 30 Days Plus Waistline has demonstrated that the number of pathogen bacteria may be reduced by as much as 80 % after ingestion this type of beta glucan. In addition botanical extracts contained in 30 Days Plus Waistline have been shown to have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effects.

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